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A Nekeuomanteion is a name given to the ancient Greek Oracles of the Dead which were dedicated to Persephone and Hades. There were only Four of these oracles in Ancient Greece.  My Etsy store offers a variety of online tarot readings as well as other other offerings when I have the time to add them.   

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Mystical Photography At "Cafe Press"

I began my adventure into photography because I was required to take pictures of my hand made bead embroidered jewelry for my Etsy Store.  I was in the habit of photographing all of my jewelry outside, in a natural setting, and as a result, I discovered that I had some skill in nature photography.   It didn't take me too long to figure out the fun in photo editing and turning those nature photos into otherworldly and magical picture scapes. 

The three images above from left to right are titled:

  • "Fairy Faith
  • "Priestess"
  • "Labyrinth"

These images are available for purchase in a variety of gift items through my "Cafe Press" store.  Eventually they will be available to purchase in framed prints most likely through Devient Art when I update my account at that site. 

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All of the graphics that you see on this web site are the original creation and copyright property of Canis Stella, (the accidental photographer).    :)