Hi, I'm Canis Stella!

Astrologer, Wiccan Priestess, Ceremonial Magician, Tarot Reader and Tribal Bellydancer!

I have been a student of the Western Mystery Tradition for thirty years. In that thirty years my journey has taken me to some very unexpected places as I have traversed the world of occultism. So here is where I get to tell you a little bit about me and what I'm all about.
Hi, I'm Canis Stella!

First let me take care of business and let you know how to contact me for any questions you may have about my classes or services.


I Began As An Astrologer

In high school I started my occult journey with the study of astrology.  I started taking a class at nights after school with a woman by the name of Genevieve Veirling.  

After graduation and moving away I started my Western Occultism studies in earnest, with the late Ambrose Hollingsworth Redmoon, a very well known astrologer, beatnik, writer, and occult scholar around the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In Memory Of Ambrose Hollingsworth Redmoon

"Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important then your fear"

Many of you may be familiar with the quote above regarding courage. 

This is a quote that he coined in an article he wrote years ago for Gnosis Magnazine titled "No Peaceful Warrior"; in the Holy War edition, of the now out of print, Western Mystery Tradition publication.    

After the publication of this article, that particular quote went viral all over the internet. This article which is about thirty years old now, can be read on my blog here, in its entirety. 

It is tradition that occultists seek out their successorts before they pass out of this life. I had the incredible good fortune to have been chosen by Ambrose to be his.   Also known as James Neil Hollingsworth, Ambrose was my occult mentor, teacher, best friend and confident for seven years before he died.  He was an amazing wealth of knowledge and wisdom and not a day goes by that I don't miss him dearly.

  Ambrose was by trade an astrologer in practice.  He was an occult scholar, not necessarily an occult practitioner (and there is a difference), of any other disciplines.  He was brilliant and he gave me the fundamental foundation of occult knowledge.  He poured everything he had into me to give that  I needed to carry on my path, as he was tasked to do. 

There is a great deal of his teachings that I will be sharing in my online classes, primarily with regard to the Beginning Astrology Class that is destined to launch sometime in the latter half of 2020.


"And it harm none this be your rede, do as you will in word and deed."

In February of 1991, during my studies with Ambrose, I was additionally initiated as a Witch by a very eclectic Wiccan woman in Sonoma County, California.   She practiced a form of Wicca which can most closely be described as following the tradition of Starhawk, who is a Wiccan icon in America, a political eco feminist activist and supporter of sustainable living practices; as well as the author of some very good books.  

It was admittedly not the tradition I was ultimately looking for, however it was available to me at the time and the more the years have gone by, I have come to appreciate very much in hind sight what she taught to me back then, I was new to the Craft.  I have kept many of her materials all of these years and will be incorporating some of her knowledge into my Wiccan training program which I will be offering in the next couple of years.   You can look forward to my Fundamentals of Ritual Class, which is the foundation class for all of the ritual magick training I will be offering after that. 

Ceremonial Magick

In addition to Wicca, I am a practitioner of ceremonial magick primarily in the tradition of the Golden Dawn.  It is in this arena of study that I have received the majority of my training as a tarot reader, and ritual practitioner.  

The Fundamentals of Ritual Magick class, that I will be offering is going to include some basic teachings from the Hermetic traditions as well as including elements of earth magic and Wicca.  

I believe that a combination of both of these disciplines can only enhance your practice as a witch or occultists by bringing both the folkloric and the intellectual elements of magick into balance. 


This is a name given to the ancient Greek oracles of the dead.

Canis Stella is the Latin translation for "Dog Star" referring to the worship of the star Sirius beginning in, and possibly predating the Old Kingdom of Egypt several thousand years ago. 

Among all other things that I do, my primary spiritual path lies along the lines of underworld mythology, and the revival or reconstruction for modern times, the wisdom of the ancient mystery schools of the ancient world, whose worship focused on the underworld mysteries of Osiris in Egypt, and the Eleusinian Mystery Tradition of Persephone, Demeter and Hades in Eleusis, Greece. 

In actual practice I am a priestess of the underworld mysteries primarily and I specialize in deep healing ritual work and underworld journeying rituals.  

This calling came to me back in 1994 when I had a life changing dream/spirit vision one night, on the Winter Solstice, that I was abducted into the underworld and held hostage by a figure that could only have been Hades.  Advanced occultists understand that there are dreams, and then there are Dreams with a capital "D".  This experience was definately the latter.   From that awesome (in a terrifying sort of way) night onward, it took me the better part of twenty years to sort it all out, go through a great deal of personal healing, and understand what the experience even meant to me.  With time as I pieced it all together I began to realize that this was my calling, and formulated a way to make this experience useful as part of my spiritual purpose.   

Those who may be interested in following this highly specialized topic, may have an opportunity to participate with me in future classes on underworld magick.  It is essentially the "inner order" work of my pagan teachings.  

Please follow the link to my blog to read some of the underworld topics that I have provided there.  

I look forward in the future to contributing a book on the subject.